Body Gel

 Cleanliness is the first step to have a healthy body skin. The skin of body, especially in regions that the Density of sebaceous glands is more needs constant cleaning, that it’s possible with various types if body wash.

Soup is the oldest body wash, but it makes the skin too dry by changing the normal PH of the skin, but it’s preventable by using body gel, it is obvious that body gels

Body Ggels:

1-nattel body gel: high cleaning power, with Pro Vitamin B5 will moisturize the skin and is helpful in healing the skin. The conditioner materials contain: Coconut oil and glycerol derivatives that it gives softness to skin and also prevent the skin of dryness after shower.Natel Body Gel

2 – Cooling Body gel: Feeling satisfied and relaxed after using, Lowering the body temperature in summer, the cooling material will make the body’s temperature low and gives the feeling of happiness and refreshment. This shampoo also contains dexpanthenol that cause moisturizing for skin.Natel Cool Body Gel