Antiseptic Solution


This toothpaste has desirable physical and chemical properties. Appropriate foaming ability, effecti

Natel Body Gel

Contains Pro Vitamin B5 – D-Panthenol. Laves the skin refresh and soft.

Roxaneh face cream

This cream contains A, E and D-Panthenol vitamins and moisturizing agents The oil of this cream will

Massal cream

Correspondent with natural skin surface PH, skin softener, contains vitamins A, E and D –Panthenol t

Natel nappy cream

Healing, protection against urination burn and heat rash, contains a high percentage of zinc oxide a

Nattel Sunscreen cream containing vitamin

SPF 30 UVA & UVB & IR Protection, contains vitamin E. With moistursing effect.

Khakestar washing up liquid

Nation’s favourite washing up liquid: Free from harmful for the skin chemicals. Professional l

Natel washing up liquid

Washing up liquid exist in 750 and 1000 ml packs, Anti-smudge, anti-grease and polish


Disinfectant for Fruits and Vegetables