About Us

History of Dr. Abidi Hygienic Company

Dr. Abidi Company has been established in 1946 as the first pharmaceutical company, manufacturing medications in Iran. Gradually the company started to produce cosmetic and hygienic products.

In early 2011, as a result of the management transition in Dr. Abidi Hygienic Company, the company activated research and development department, with commitment to maintain sustainability by protecting environment and manufacturing products with natural ingredients.

The company’s credit, fame, and experience, high-quality products, and using high-grade raw materials from the most prestigious European companies lead to the firm trust of consumers. Now, different groups of products such as KHAKESTAR and NATTEL dishwashing and hand wash liquids, NATTEL shampoos, hair conditioners and gels, AFROOZ and DCX disinfectants, MASAL and ROXANEH hand and face creams, NATTEL aloe vera moisturizing, sunscreen and baby creams and NATTEL ultra protection with six expert actions toothpaste are produced by the company.

Recently, the company has launched the first specialized Organic Cosmetics Department in the Middle East with the highest international standards. The company manufactures and offers Miracle organic cosmetics through utilizing cutting-edge innovations and the best ingredients.