Environmental Awareness

At Dr. Abidi we have many decades of activities in the field of every-day products manufacturing, in order to produce many types of products like: shampoos , hair gels, body gels, body washes, sun creams, baby nappy creams, face moisturizers, anti-ageing creams, , hand washinges, washing up liquids, disinfectants, solutions for washing vegetables , etc.

With the aim of protecting our environment , we have implemented environmental policies in following items :

  • Prevention of water pollution
  • Prevention of soil contamination
  • Prevention of air pollution
  • And preventing wastage of natural resources such as energy to prevent global warming, and paper to protect forests and trees.

We are committed to following international environmental requirements mentioned in Kyoto and Montreal Protocols, and also the environmental requirement of national and other international environmental protection agencies.

I ( Ali Naghib ) Dr. Abidi’s senior management , developed and adopted the environmental plans that have been designed, confirmed and review in environmental awareness meetings by my senior managements. I regularly check the progress and achievements of the group.

Look forward to the day that every single activity of the industry is thoroughly reviewed by its owners for the sake of environmental protection.

Senior management of Dr. Abidi hygienic company,

Ali Naghib, Bsc industrial engineering, MBA