This toothpaste has desirable physical and chemical properties. Appropriate foaming ability, effecti

Natel Body Gel

Contains Pro Vitamin B5 – D-Panthenol. Laves the skin refresh and soft.

Roxaneh face cream

This cream contains A, E and D-Panthenol vitamins and moisturizing agents The oil of this cream will

Massal cream

Correspondent with natural skin surface PH, skin softener, contains vitamins A, E and D –Panthenol t

Natel nappy cream

Healing, protection against urination burn and heat rash, contains a high percentage of zinc oxide a

Nattel Sunscreen cream containing vitamin

SPF 30 UVA & UVB & IR Protection, contains vitamin E. With moistursing effect.

Khakestar washing up liquid

Nation’s favourite washing up liquid: Free from harmful for the skin chemicals. Professional l

Natel washing up liquid

Washing up liquid exist in 750 and 1000 ml packs, Anti-smudge, anti-grease and polish


Disinfectant for Fruits and Vegetables

Afrooz Antiseptic & Disinfectant

afrouz disinfectant  is A strong antiseptic liquid suitable for disinfection in hospitals, homes, pu


A new generation of disinfectants in accordance with European standards DCX 5.6 disinfectant liquid

Natel hand washing liquid

Natel hand washing liquid exist in 2 types: 2750 ml Gallon and 500 ml pump with Pleasant fragrance e

Natel twin shampoo

Contains guar plant that is a herbal conditioner from Polysaccharide Using guar will make the brushi

Natel shampoo

Natel normal shampoo contains A, E and D-Panthenol natel herbal shampoo with extract of seven plants

Natel body gel

Natel baby Gel contains mild detergent, suitable PH For scalp skin of babie’s. prevent   irrit

Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Anti Dandruff Shampoo for all hair types. Contains vitamin D-Panthenol or vitamin B5.  

Multi Vitamin Shampoo

Contains vitamins A,E and D-Panthenol,for repairing dry hair PH 5.5 contains conditioner Multi vita

Cream conditioning shampoo

For any types of hair, contains pro_vitamin B5 and conditioner and moisturizer for increasing the mo

Natel baby shampo

The shampos for baby!